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When evaluating costs and return on investment, Titan products' value is unmatched versus the competition.
Josh Langwell
Cherry Coatings

PowrBeast 9700 Gas

No job stands a chance against this beast
Product Description

The PowrBeast® 9700 direct immersion gas airless sprayer provides unmatched durability and performance. The PowrBeast offers the innovative HydraStroke Technology™ with only one moving part, the Severe Service™ fluid section that has a long slow stroking piston all powered by a best in class Honda® engine. Recommended for large projects or when you need the power to spray heavy coatings.

Sprays stains, lacquers, epoxies, enamels, elastomeric, latex, dry fall and block fillers

  • Designed to consistently spray 400-500 gallons per week
  • Can power up to 5 guns
  • HydraStroke Technology Efficient and versatile with no clutch to burn
  • Severe Service Fluid Section Powerful slow-stroking piston
  • Active Cooling Tank Maximizes airflow to actively cool the system
  • Front Mounted Motor/Pump Assembly Easy to access for maintenance and service
  • Submersed Foot Valve Maximizes suction for heavy graded materials
  • Optimized Shrouding Directs air flow across the motor keeping it cooler
  • Large 12" Pneumatic Tires For increased portability and travel over rough surfaces
  • Built-In Lift Handles For easy loading and unloading
  • Powered by Honda
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