AirCoat Electrostatic

High production fine finishing electrically charged
Product Description

Imagine combining the speed and power of an airless sprayer with the precise control of transfer efficiency of an HVLP sprayer - in a single, incredibly efficient application system. The Titan AirCoat™ Air Assisted Airless sprayer combined with an electrostatic system enables you to apply coatings in an air-assisted mode to deliver ultra-fine atomization and higher transfer efficiency. Switch to airless mode and you can apply a broad range of interior and exterior coatings with the production speed you expect from Titan.

  • Onboard, quiet running, air compressor
  • Sealed hydraulic pump sprays delicate coatings without shearing
  • Zero deadband delivers the best spray pattern every time the trigger is pulled
  • 35% higher transfer efficiency compared to conventional Air spray/Air-assisted airless process
  • Cleaner job site with less overspray
  • VM500 automatically shuts down high voltage during coating breaks and flushing for superior safety

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