A sprayer the job site's never seen

The PermaStroke Technology™ of Titan's Elite® series is here to ensure you never have to replace your sprayer's piston, packings, cylinder, or clutch. This sprayer is always ready to make your projects look good. Here's what makes the Elite sprayers such an innovative addition to the job site:

  • PermaStroke Technology that delivers top performance between 300 and 3300 psi
  • No piston, packings, cylinder, or clutch to wear or replace
  • FlatLine Pulsation Dampener™ to eliminate all pressure fluctuations and deadband, provide smooth operation, and more
  • Sureflo™ pusher valve for easy priming
  • Large 12" pneumatic tires for increased portability and travel on rugged job sites (Elite 3500 Low Rider has 10" semi-pneumatic tires)

Elite 4500
Elite 3500

What our customers have to say

Rizzo Brothers has relied on Titan products for decades and will continue to do so because Titan consistently provides superior equipment we can count on.
Paul Rizzo
Rizzo Brothers Painting Contractors Inc.
The PermaStroke revolution
Featuring PermaStroke Technology
  • Delivers a perfect fan pattern and top performance from 300 to 3300 psi
  • No piston, packings, cylinder, or clutch to wear or replace
  • Easy priming with the Sureflo pusher valve
Driven by the industry's best engines
Powered by HONDA®
  • Exceptionally quiet running engine
  • Smooth performance with lower vibration
  • Low oil alert system prevents engine seizure
Smooth, consistent results
Featuring the FlatLine Pulsation Dampener
  • Eliminates all pressure fluctuation and deadband
  • Provides smooth operation and a consistent finish
  • Vertical no-spill filter keeps residue in the housing


PermaStroke Technology

  • No worn out piston, packings cylinders or clutches to burn out or replace
  • Delivers top performance at pressures from 300 to 3300 psi and when using small or large tip sizes
  • Eliminates deadband – delivering a consistent fan pattern optimizing finish quality
  • WearGuard® Elite Lifetime Warranty on the fluid pump

Field Serviceable

  • Simple and quick repairs with cartridge-style inlet and out valves that can be changed out in only 5 minutes
  • The Sureflo Pusher Valve makes priming easy by unsticking the lower ball valve with just a push of a button

inlet/outlet valve

Smart Design

  • Spray up to 2 guns (with Elite 4500) 
  • Hold up to 2 spray tips with the added holder on the frame
  • Large pneumatic tires for easy travel over rough surfaces
  • Lift handles for easy loading and unloading
2 spray guns connected to pump