Impact 1040T

Built for Smooth Texture
Product Description

Built for smooth texture and abrasive coatings, this sprayer is perfect for contractors that need a durable and dependable sprayer for level 5 finishes; knockdown texture and high build coatings.

  • Designed to consistently spray 300-400 gallons per week
  • Submerged Fluid Section creates the most efficient siphoning system
  • Quad+ Packings™ is designed to wipe abrasive coatings clean during operation and prevents damage to the piston or the main sealing lip
  • AutoOiler™ allows you to push a button to deliver oil from the reservoir directly to the packings
  • Electronic Pressure Control with Rapid Clean speeds up the flushing and clean-up process
  • PermaLife™ Cylinder never wears and never needs replacing

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