Capspray 75

Where agility and finish combine to unleash absolute consistency
Product Description

Ideal for medium residential or commercial jobs, the 3-stage Capspray 75 will handle enamel and multi-color coatings in addition to stains, sealers, light-body varnishes, shellac and lacquer.
Three-stage turbine perfect for light-bodied coatings like laquers and stains.

  • High transfer efficiency ranges up to 90%
  • Pre-filter on both atomizing air and cooling air sides
  • Onboard toolbox for needles, nozzles, air caps and nozzle wrench
  • Built-in gun & cup holder for added storage and portability
  • Dirty filter warning light extend the life of your turbine and maintain maximum performance with clean filters
  • Sound reduction technology lowers the decibel level on the jobsite
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Capspray 75|95|105|115 HVLP Sprayers

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