PowrTwin 6900 Plus DI

The tireless workhorse designed to quickly convert to Gas or Electric power
Product Description

The PowrTwin™ 6900 Plus DI with submersed foot valve create the most efficient siphon system on the market today allowing the spraying of very heavy coatings. Additionally, our EZ swing frame makes this the most efficient and convenient to use gas hydraulic system in the market today.

Configured with a submersible foot valve designed for very heavy materials, including drywall mud.

  • Designed to consistently spray up to up to 400 gallons per week
  • Can power up to 4 guns
  • Accurate pressure control ranges from 400 to 3300 PSI.
  • Spray low viscosity primers to heavy-bodied finish paints.
  • Vented hydraulic fill and dip stick is easy to access for less mess.
  • Easy-remove filter takes only 3 turns to remove.
  • Wrap around frame for extra strength and stability.
  • Durable Cart with telescoping handle and convenient lift handles.
  • Honda® Engine Overhead cam engines have greater fuel efficiency than overhead valve engines.
  • Convenient pail hook
  • EZ swing frame decreases spillage during paint changes and lower height (and center of gravity) of unit for easy transportation.
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