Helix VR 2.3

Product Description

The Helix® VR 2.3 provides unmatched accuracy and heating efficiency. The key features provide balanced pressure, less wasted material and direct heat from the system all the way to the gun. With a user-friendly design – allowing for simple operation and inexpensive maintenance – the VR 2.3 offers better results and increased ROI.

  • SureFire® Hose Heater
    Heats the coating all the way from the block heater to the end of the hose. Additionally, the temperature can be adjusted at the gun where it matters most.
  • Integrated Electronic Proportioning
    Proprietary system synchronizes both pumps to maintain a superior ratio accuracy.
  • SureFire Block Heater
    Maximizes surface area and dwell time for heater efficiency and maximizes the time in the heater. More time and surface area means more efficient heating.
  • Quad+ Packings™
    Self-adjusting packings deliver the best performance every time you spray.
  • Universal Power Adapter
    Plug into shore power or generator.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
    30% lighter than most comparable equipment.
  • EasyOut™ Fluid Section
    Ability to change out the fluid section on the job site, reducing downtime.
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